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My husband has been Dr. Darby's patient for the past 16 years. He is very attentive, thorough and professional. The treatment he is undergoing is lengthy in time and technically challenging, yet we have been very happy every step of the way with his care. I would recommend Dr. Darby to any of my friends and family .

Chepito D.

My son has had an awesome experience with Dr. Johnson and his staff. We were very informed before the procedure and they took great care of him during the procedure. After the visit, they were available for any questions or concerns. We highly recommend this office to anyone needing orthodontic care!

Jenna B., Belleview

A big thank you to Dr. Darby. From the first step in the door to the last step out, every aspect of my visit with Dr Darby and staff was exceptional. The people at the front office were very professional, friendly and communicative. I had a vertical fracture that was quite painful. The first dentist I saw nearly sent me through the roof during the initial exam and made me terrified to consider treatment there. I then went to Dr. Darby and that pain free experience was like night and day. I also liked that Dr Darby was very thorough and spent time explaining the issues, discussing my options and making sure I felt completely comfortable. My husband and I spend most of the year in California but if I need any other dental procedure like the one I had, I'll be back in Ocala to see Dr. Darby.

Bobbie E.

I was very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Darby. He took a lot of time with me to discuss what he thought my problem was, what the possible treatment options would be and then did exactly what he said he would do. He and his staff were very kind and thoughtful and always made me feel comfortable. When I needed to contact Dr. Darby about a prescription, he took my call himself on a Saturday afternoon and called in the prescription I needed right away. The surgery went very well, and I did not experience any pain or problems due to the techniques he used. I have been "released" as of today, as he has done all that was needed, and did not push any unnecessary treatments on me. I will highly recommend him.

Margaret W.